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Dec 31, 2016

Blue light wavelength at 450 nm with the body's Secretary e-vision, has this secretion of melatonin (melatonin) inhibitors, melatonin reduction once would get people excited, and even insomnia, thereby affecting the immune mechanism, people are more vulnerable to harm vision, macular area of the retina cannot regenerate all of the diseases after degradation. Blu-ray influence on people's natural physiological rhythm Division-Chen, as shown in Figure 1 Blu-ray energies at 460 NM region of the spectrum, and circadian rhythm curve waveform coincide, so Blu-ray energy spectrum at 500 nm shall be restricted to the following to reduce blue light on a person's natural physiological effects of rhythm Division-Chen.

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC) published international standards IEC/TR 62778-2014 assessment of the light sources and lighting of blue light hazard IEC 62471 standard application, is light and the blue light hazard lamps on the retina (the blue light hazard) assessment methods. Check out China existing lighting standard, lamp and the lamps of light biological against needed meet national standards GB 7000.1-2015 lamps 1th Department points: General requirements and test subsection 4.24 article of corresponding requirements, in 200 mm at by IEC/TR 62778 of assessment over RG1 of can mobile type lamps, according to the standard of 3.2.23 of provides will classification for has a threshold value as degrees Ethr of can mobile type lamps should in lamps Shang for mark and the description. Revised standard GB/t 9473 explicitly require the use of read and write operations LED lamp blue light hazard level should not exceed the RG0.