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Floodlight Features

Jan 17, 2017

Little current, LED flood light temperature rise is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is higher, LED floodlight main wavelength will be red-shifted, brightness falls, poor light uniformity and consistency. Dot matrix, large display temperature LED flood light of the reliability, stability, more significant. Thermal design is critical.

Floodlights from a particular point to illuminate objects evenly in all directions, light bulbs and candles are best, but used it to analogy. Flood lights can be placed anywhere in a scene. For example, beyond the limits of the camera can be placed, or objects inside. Long distance using a number of different colors in the scene of the flood is very common. The floodlight can project the dark and mixed models. Due to flood exposure than a bigger, so flood light irradiation effect is very easy to predict, and the lighting there are many secondary uses, for example, flood lights placed in a position close to the surface, you would have a bright light on the surface.