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LED Cast Light Shell Features

Jun 07, 2017

Good quality is not blowing out, you want to choose a good quality LED cast light shell, need to pay attention to several points:

1, look at packaging and trademark. The state mandatory requirements LED cast light shell manufacturer in the product packaging marked the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, the frequency of the frequency. Generally speaking, high-quality products, trademark printing quality is good, LED Flood Light Housing clear signs can be discerned, with a soft damp cloth is not easy to wipe, and there are manufacturers of trademarks and related certification mark.

2, look at the appearance of the lamp. The appearance should be no cracks, loose and intertwined between the traces of the pry. In the installation, removal process, the lamp should not be loose or tilted head phenomenon. Lamp plastic shell must choose the kind of engineering plastic flame retardant type, characterized by its surface similar to the frosted glass texture. The ordinary plastic surface is smooth, shiny, LED Flood Light Housing but easy to deform and flammable, is prohibited for energy-saving lamp production.

3, look at work status. LED cast light shell in normal working condition, the temperature should be relatively low, if the cooling conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures, the light will be great, the lamp life will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the lights in the light and off, if there is a rapid flash, but also that there are quality problems.

4, listen to work sound. Electromagnetic compatibility is the electrical must pass the project, in the LED cast light shell product packaging must be printed on the national electromagnetic compatibility test logo. We can also use a small test to simply judge, with a short-wave radio, when the lights work, LED Flood Light Housing the radio on the nearby, the radio received the lower the noise, indicating the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the measured lamp. In the silent environment to listen to the LED cast light shell when the work of the sound, if you can clearly hear the sound of the lamp work, indicating that the lamp power is not very good.

LED cast light shell overclocking three cast light, LED lights lamps Features:

1: the appearance of simple fashion, the appearance of anodized, cooling device and lamp shell integrated design, corrosion-resistant heat dissipation is good. LED cast light shell profile large area, beautiful appearance, good waterproof, the body of the lamp body can be customized according to the needs of customers.

 2: shell structure: special street lamp shell structure design, LED Flood Light Housing so that the flow of the air can speed up the cooling effect, while reducing the wind resistance, reduce the pressure load light pole, special installation bracket structure design, lamp irradiation angle can be flexibly adjusted.

 3: structural waterproof function: a unique structure is conducive to the shell of the water discharge, the new waterproof silicone, LED Flood Light Housing to ensure that the sealing of lamps to ensure that no water and dust;

 4: superior heat dissipation structure: radiator and lamp body integration, thickening of aluminum can improve the instantaneous heat; the entire structure of the middle heat better than the two sides, which play a uniform effect of heat, so that the entire street in the use of more stable.