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LED Cast Light Shell Impact Resistance

Aug 09, 2017

LED cast light shell Features:

1. The lamp shell is made of aluminum die-casting, the surface by the phosphating spray treatment, nice.

2. High purity aluminum reflector, high reflectivity, uniform illumination. Asymmetric light distribution.

3. Frame with high-quality tempered glass, high temperature, impact resistance, higher clarity.

4. Lamp holder made of cold-rolled steel plate, high strength, safe and reliable.

5. Glass hinge fixed, LED Flood Light Housing open the glass when the glass will not fall, the security performance.

6. The bracket fixing screw is fixed with plastic sheath so that the screw will not rust.

7. High temperature silicone rubber seals, LED Flood Light Housing high temperature lamps can guarantee good sealing performance.

8. Suitable for industrial building lighting, urban flood lighting, LED Flood Light Housing especially for landscaping, square sculpture, billboards, shopping malls, Tianjin car rental and other lighting.

Now there are many lamps on the market, look like, why the price difference so big, this is a lot of users confused, do not know how to choose, the following we have to analyze, why there is such a big difference one of the reasons, The difference in the shell

LED cast light shell energy saving two major advantages:

First, the luminous efficiency is high, luminous efficiency means that each tile of electricity, into the amount of light energy, the unit is LM / W (lumens / watt). Can do a comparison, LED Flood Light Housing the home is commonly used in fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent tubes is generally 40-50LM / W. Energy-saving lamps in the 50-60LM / W. (Which refers to qualified products, such as Philip, the general domestic also can not reach this data). LED luminous efficiency, and now the general white light source in 130LM / W. Finished cast light in the 100LM / W. (Note that the luminous efficiency of the light source and the luminous efficiency of the finished light is not the same ah, because the finished cast light there are part of the loss of the circuit, LED Flood Light Housing as well as the loss of optical lens, so the luminous efficiency of finished light cast light is generally only light About 80%). Can be seen, LED cast light shell luminous efficiency than energy-saving lamps to about twice as high, what does that mean? That is to achieve the same brightness, LED cast light shell than half of the energy-saving lamps electricity.

The second energy-saving reason is that LED light cast light shell light waste less, our home decoration, need to use the light of the place, not the whole room, the most obvious is the table a few chandeliers, are only The table is like a few flashlights like the same effect of the past, LED Flood Light Housing but now the traditional light source, such as energy-saving lamps, it is 360 degrees light, and everywhere irradiation, and then use a glow of light to gather together, so that in the light Cover part of about 30% of the optical loss, and LED is 30-170 degrees light, and then use a professional optical lens condenser, the loss is generally only 5-10%. So this place has about 20% of the energy saving effect.

So, in general, LED cast light shell shell would like to be able to achieve the same brightness, LED cast light shell lamp than the average light source to less about 70% of the electricity.