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LED Cast Light Shell With High Temperature Characteristics

Sep 21, 2017

LED cast light shell material for the 6063 stretch aluminum, both ends of the plug with high purity die-casting aluminum, glass with 5CM thick high-strength tempered glass. Power of 100W legislation is a rectangular light material patch

LED cast light shell Features:

1 lamp shell made of aluminum die-casting, the surface by the phosphating spray treatment, beautiful and generous.

2 high purity aluminum reflector, high reflectivity, uniform illumination. LED Flood Light Housing Asymmetric light distribution.

3 LED Flood Light Housing frame with high-quality tempered glass, high temperature, impact resistance, higher clarity.

4 lamp holder made of cold-rolled steel plate, high strength, safe and reliable.

5 buckle open easy, LED Flood Light Housing without any tools to open the buckle.

6 glass hinge fixed, open the glass when the glass will not fall, good safety.

7 bracket fixing screws are fixed with plastic sheath, LED Flood Light Housing so that the screws will not rust.

8 high temperature silicone rubber seals, high temperature lamps can guarantee good sealing performance.

9 LED Flood Light Housing for industrial building lighting, urban flood lighting, especially for landscaping, square sculpture, billboards and other lighting