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LED Cast Light Shell With International Coding

Jul 04, 2017

LED cast light shell Features:

1: LED cast light shell length can be customized according to need, LED cast light shell easy to install, LED cast light shell profile heat dissipation area, good heat dissipation, beautiful appearance, waterproof, LED cast light shell The main part can be customized according to the needs of customers, W number: 42W, 56W, 70W, 84W, 98W, 112W, 126W, 140W, 154W, 168W and so on.

2: LED cast light shell structure: particularly lightweight and beautiful shell structure design, rail-mounted glass pressure cover, package edge effect beautiful, glass seal installation more simple and convenient.

3: LED cast light shell structural waterproof function: a unique structure conducive to the shell of the water discharge, lamp protection class IP65, LED Flood Light Housing to ensure that the whole lamp in different environments can be long-term stable work, the whole lamp life> 50000H.

 4: superior cooling structure: light shell and heat part of the integration, to avoid the traditional light shell can not solve the drawbacks of LED cooling. With high thermal conductivity of aluminum as the main body of heat, the appearance of the use of oxidation process, LED Flood Light Housing corrosion-resistant while ensuring heat dissipation.

 5: with 3mm ultra-white silk screen tempered glass, transmittance of 95%.

Applicable places: suitable for bridges, parks, sculptures, squares, billboards and other places lighting, especially for green, architectural landscape of the three-dimensional lighting

Surface of ordinary LED cast light shell, whether it is material, or production process, are relatively rough, using a simple painting process, poor corrosion resistance, poor outdoor environment, the service life of only six months or so, once the outer paint Off, it is likely to cause the shell part of the rust, LED Flood Light Housing corrosion and other phenomena, can lead to severe perforation, affecting the use of the lamp itself IP level.

LED cast light shell for professional and technical personnel design, with utility model certificate and design patent certificate. Due to the particularity of the design, HETEC brand LED flood light has a good self-cleaning ability, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other functions, ordinary cast light self-cleaning capacity is poor, and poor anti-aging ability. Our LED flood light has its own invention patent, LED Flood Light Housing for the HETEC brand. Imitation HETEC brand of cast light not only in the product material above the quality standards, and the production process is still in a relatively backward state. LED cast light shell with international code, no impurities, and the product through the international FCC, CE, ROHS and other international certification, HETEC LED flood light waterproof and dustproof grade IP68; finished product without burr, no gap. As China's piracy (counterfeit products, theft of manufacturers pictures, product information, etc.) serious, customers need to seriously distinguish, do not seek small cheap and damage their own interests. Official website address and product watermark consistent, are HETEC.