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LED Expo New Delhi 2017 India

Jan 24, 2018

Zhongshan Leelo Lighting Co., Ltd had participated in LED Expo New Delhi 2017 on Nov 30th-Dec 2nd ,It is a biggest lighting industry fair in India.

LED Expo New Delhi is organized by India ELCOMA and Frankfurt exhibition company,the exhibition categories include: commercial lighting, decorative lighting, green lighting, LED lighting, lighting accessories and spare parts, professional and outdoor lighting and the chandelier, and converging brand series of lights lounge.

In the exhibition, we has showed our new design of Led flood light, flood light housing, Project light lamp housing, Spotlight housing, Flood light parts. Our competitive price, our super quality goods has won favorable comments from general customer. And we also brought back a lot of advice from end users and dealers invaluable.  

Leelo has shown its profession, high technology and high quality by mean of this exhibition, which provides us an excellent chance to promote our products directly. we received all straight praise visa the fair.

As we know in future, the LED products will be demanded more in India, 80% of the lighting products are imported from China. With the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization in India, the demand for electricity is surging. The government of India is considering transforming the traditional lighting system into an environmental protection and energy saving LED lighting system. The annual growth rate of the India LED lighting market is expected to reach 41.5% . Therefore, the LED market in India will be one of the most potential emerging markets in the global LED market, and it will also be a golden opportunity for LED lighting industry.

We Leelo will continue to enhance the management system, rational face to market demand, making more quality service to customers and friends. Welcome to order with us !