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LED Flood Light Materials

Jan 17, 2017

Lamp body material for aluminum pressure cast type electrostatic spray of surface processing, coating resistance high temperature, and anti-acid alkali, and anti-aging lamp body used light electrical integration design, structure compact, volume small reflection device application imports high purity aluminum material, variety reflection surface design, formed various different needs of distribution light, light effect high, glare light small light can with according to customer needs, can using single end or double end gold halogen lamp or high pressure sodium lamp used E40 or RX7s mask for 5mm tempered glass, security, and resistance high temperature, and high strength, and Good light transmission seal for corrosion protection of silicone rubber seals, well sealed, waterproof, dust-proof high performance magnetic ballast, trigger, and capacitor, make sure internal wiring of lamps and electrical performance in line with national standards for 1mm2PVC applies to markers, stadiums, plazas and trees, billboards, car parks, building facades, etc.