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LED Flood Light Shell Safety Performance

Sep 30, 2017

LED cast light shell using CNC precision machining technology, the heat board hollow, to ensure that the light side of the light and the radiator on the back of the air convection. LED Flood Light Housing The surface is treated with anodic oxidation

LED cast light shell Features:

1. The lamp shell is made of aluminum die-casting, LED Flood Light Housing the surface by the phosphating spray treatment, nice.

2. High purity aluminum reflector, high reflectivity, uniform illumination. Asymmetric light distribution.

3. Frame with high-quality tempered glass, high temperature, impact resistance, higher clarity.

4. Lamp holder made of cold-rolled steel plate, high strength, safe and reliable.

5. Glass hinge fixed, open the glass when the glass will not fall, good safety performance.

6. High temperature silicone rubber seals, LED Flood Light Housing high temperature lamps can guarantee good sealing performance.

7. Suitable for industrial building lighting, urban flood lighting, especially for landscaping, square sculpture, billboards, shopping malls and other lighting.

LED cast light shell installed in the thermal substrate, LED heat generated by the first heat transfer to the substrate, through the thermal conductivity of the substrate through the heat transfer to the thin wall cavity heat sink. Inside the lamp shell, due to the use of thin-walled cavity heat sink, LED Flood Light Housing heat sink cavity air in the heated state, along the cavity to form a low-end high-end air flow, the cavity of the heat quickly brought out ; While the outer surface of the heat sink and air in direct contact with the heat out; heat sink wall is thin, the heat is not easy to gather in the film.