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LED Floodlight Features

Jan 17, 2017

1, long life

2, energy saving

3, environmental protection: it uses solid mercury agent, even if broken will not cause environmental pollution, 99% per cent recovery rate, is a real green light.

4, no Flash: due to its high frequency, as "no stroboscopic effect" does not cause eye strain, eye health protection.

5, good color: color-rendering index greater than 80, light color and soft, natural color of illuminated objects.

6, color temperature option: selected from the 2700K~6500K as required by the customer, and can be made of colored light bulbs, decorative lighting for gardens.

7, the high proportion of visible light: in light, visible up to 80%, good visual effect.

8, without pre-heating. Immediate startup and restart, switch many times there will be no light degradation phenomena in normal electrodes for discharge lamps.

9, excellent electrical properties: high power factor, harmonic currents low, constant voltage, constant luminous flux output.

10, installation flexibility: can be installed in any position, without restriction.