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LED Lamp Bead Teaches You The Right To Use

Jan 17, 2017

LED chip life when the junction temperature of 85 degrees for more than 60,000 hours, junction temperature of 105 degrees life reduced to less than 40,000 hours. Proper use of LED lights to make it work under favourable conditions of temperature and current, are lights set the light color characteristics necessary for long-term stability, high quality led light is not enough. Whether this condition is met by the technology of LED lighting manufacturers limited.

The elements of light and color shift, both blue chips, phosphor, packaging materials, the effect of size and temperature. High temperature materials become active, accelerating change, current higher chip heat larger led junction temperature is higher.

Lights and lamps to determine use of the environment, its junction temperature by electric current and heat dissipation performance of lamps. In order to seek greater luminous flux output and reduce thermal system design and manufacturing costs, LED lighting products is unable to achieve the life expectancy major cause.

Need to be aware of is that decisions affecting the reliability of lamp Pearlescent color temperature, known as TJ, referring to blue chip PN junction junction temperature. This relationship between temperature and lamp housing temperature did not necessarily also work closely to see if they combined, so touch Shell to determine lamp bead's work is not reliable. In addition, the junction temperature test is difficult, so lamp bead suppliers tend to limit junction temperature into a easy to test the temperature, such as the restriction on the rows of solder temperature.