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Open That Close Fast And Convenient

Dec 31, 2016

When using conventional light bulb projector, everybody will have such experience, the traditional light bulb projector power button is pressed, after about 1 minute of time, projection screen will appear, and you want to 15-20 minutes or so the screen brightness will stabilise even. It is very inconvenient for the classroom teacher, causing a waste of time.

Laser light +LED is cold, out of the characteristics of light, eliminate the original ultra high pressure mercury bulb picture need to wait a few minutes to completely light up phenomena. Casio do a minimum of 5 seconds to achieve the maximum brightness of the projection, substantially shorten the time for casting highlights pictures, make maximum use of time.

Same shutdown is also very convenient, there's like a traditional bulb projection, must await the bulb cooling after the shutdown, instant boot instant power on again after power off. Power to get to the normal brightness, without wait time of super high pressure mercury lamp.