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Performance Stability In Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Dec 31, 2016

Education projector used for a long time, in addition to outside the consideration of factors such as color, brightness, long life, stability is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Traditional projectors due to the light bulb as the light source and light bulbs work full of hot gas, which uses traditional light source projector is in danger of fried light.

Laser +LED packaging technology is used, the use of epoxy resin to protect, so sealing properties and impact resistance performance is good, do not damage easily. Long used in harsh environments, don't have to worry about a light bulb damage problems.

Solid state laser light +LED mix, do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, sodium, there is no super high pressure mercury pollution to the environment, in line with the environmental requirements, effective relief of environmental pollution, green and healthy project environment.