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Researchers Have Established That LED Lamps Is Pernicious

Dec 31, 2016

This citizen science program for researchers in many fields has been a big help. Lighting technology from orbit research clearly have greater significance than in the past because now many lighting fixtures have been replaced with LED technology. Many cities around the world are being announced facelift LED street lights. LED street light damage-causes-for example, the glow in the sky (glare) are more serious because LED lights than traditional light bulbs emit more blue and green light. The international space station is the only one able to estimate prevalence of different lighting technologies in different cities around the world body, but also damage-measuring the impact of pollution on human health and the environment.

Leading research scientist Alejandro s á nchez de Miguel said: "before we start using the new satellite, pictures of astronauts sent down is the only thing we can see the earth color, high resolution medium. ”

At the preliminary stage, "night in the city" program has received support from several agencies, thousands of volunteer help. The next goal of the plan is to continue to raise money to keep operating, and extended his hand in the night colour images of the Earth.

The research team also concluded: the higher the treasuries of European cities, Live Earth's energy consumption per unit area is also high. Lamp total annual energy consumption of the European Union up to 6.3 billion euros (about 44.9 billion yuan).