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Safety Performance Of Cast Light Housing

Aug 18, 2017

Cast Light shell Product Features:

1. Strong ability to expand. This product can do 100w/200w/400w/600w/800w/1000w power!

2. Widely used. Bracket rotation angle can be rotated from 38 degrees to 120 degrees, with the characteristics of installation diversity, flat put, hanging, ceiling can be, applicable and various occasions!

3, small volume. 400w Square cast light shell using a single high-power lamp bead, LED Flood Light Housing saving materials at the same time, but also to solve the general street lamp because of too much light bead, volume increase of trouble!

4. Convenient installation. LED Flood Light Housing No need to spend too much time to complete the assembly of the lamp, to ensure that in the shortest possible time to put into use. Save time cost for you!

5, a variety of colors to choose from. High reputation of each type of lamps and lanterns provide a variety of customized services. To ensure the overall design of the customer needs!

6. Cast Light shell product Features: Aluminum die-casting, surface by phosphating spray treatment, beautiful and generous.

7. High-purity aluminum reflector, high reflectivity, uniform illuminance. LED Flood Light Housing Asymmetric light distribution.

8. The surface frame uses the high quality tempered glass, bears the high temperature, the impact, the clarity is higher.

9. The lamp bracket is made of cold-rolled steel plate, high strength, safe and reliable.

10. Glass hinges Fixed, the glass will not fall off when opened, good safety performance.

11. High temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring, LED Flood Light Housing at high temperature lamps can guarantee good sealing performance.

12. Applicable to industrial building lighting, urban floodlight lighting, LED Flood Light Housing especially for landscaping, square sculpture, billboards, shopping malls and other lighting.