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Spotlight Enclosure Is A New Type Of Green Lighting

Jul 27, 2017

Spotlight Shell with high-quality die-casting aluminum, light road design advanced and reasonable, with light weight, volume, light soft, evenly distributed characteristics.

Spotlight Housing Material:

High-purity aluminum reflector, lamp housing and radiator, Spotlight Housing high-strength tempered glass cover, high-power LED light source, high efficiency import constant current source.

Spotlight Enclosure Features:

1. The spotlight shell is a new type of green lighting.

2, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, heat-resistant, good sealing performance;

3, start fast, high luminous efficiency, visual fidelity, no flicker, no harm to the eyes and skin, the use of safety;

4, the use of integrated packaging high-power LED light source, Spotlight Housing can be used continuously for 50,000 hours;

5, the spotlight shell, the power cavity and the light source cavity are completely separate, the light source inside and the LED light source close contact, the external heat dissipation wing and the air convection heat, can effectively guarantee the power supply and the light source life;

7, ultra-white high transparent cloth pattern tempered glass, Spotlight Housing effectively control the glare of lamps, special sealing structure design, so that the protection level of lamps to reach IP66;

8, environmental protection and energy-free pollution, high stability, led to the environment non-polluting, the use of stability.

Applicable place:

Applicable to tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, gas stations, stadiums, metallurgy and all kinds of plant, construction, and other places.

Definition: LED Tunnel lamp 100w Kit Spotlight Shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, Spotlight Housing the appearance is beautiful, itself is made of aluminum alloy die-casting.

The main materials of the light film are:

PMMA: poly (methyl methacrylate), acrylic acid and its ester polymerization of polymers collectively known as acrylic ester, the corresponding plastic collectively referred to as polyacrylic acids plastic, which is the most widely used poly (methyl methacrylate). The abbreviation of PMMA, commonly known as plexiglass, Spotlight Housing is the most excellent and suitable variety in the synthetic transparent material.

PS: Polystyrene (polystyrene, abbreviated PS) refers to the polymer synthesized by polymerization of styrene monomer by free radicals, it is a colorless transparent thermoplastic, with a glass conversion temperature above 100 ℃, so it is often used to make all kinds of disposable containers that need to withstand the temperature of boiling water, as well as disposable foam boxes.

Resins: resins are usually referred to as softening or melting after heating, softening in the external force under the flow tendency, at room temperature is solid, semisolid, Spotlight Housing and sometimes liquid organic polymers. Broadly speaking, any macromolecule that can be used as a raw material for the processing of plastic products is called resin.