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Spotlight Enclosure Solid Performance

Sep 11, 2017

Spotlight Enclosure Features:

1, the spotlight shell uses the environmental protection GB Aluminum ADC12 die-casting type, the lamp body and the power separation design, installs the lamp bead surface and the power supply separates the place, Spotlight Housing mutually does not be affected by the heat, the heat dissipation is good, guaranteed the power supply and the lamp bead safe use.

2, with reflective cup, glass with tempered ultra-white transparent glass, Spotlight Housing light transmission effect better, uniform lighting;

3, Surface treatment using environmentally friendly thermosetting powder treatment, with excellent acid, resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, wet cold, anti-static, Spotlight Housing Anti-ultraviolet and other properties is your ideal choice.

4, sealed waterproof silicone coil using high-temperature vulcanization molding, waterproof performance is safe and reliable; screws are all 304 stainless steel screws.

5, the installation bracket is divided into U-shaped and triangular bracket, the firm performance is high, suitable for the tunnel, the stadium, the square, the park, Spotlight Housing the community and other places installation use.