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Spotlight Housing Material And Characteristics

Jul 17, 2017

Spotlight Enclosure Max. 150W Metal Halide lamp/sodium lamp/All kinds of LED color bulb

3. Power Parameters: 12-240v/50hz 4. Protection Rating: Waterproof, dustproof to achieve IP65 material and characteristics:

1. High-pressure die-casting aluminum molding shell, external electrostatic spray treatment, corrosion-resistant, not easy to scrape flowers. 2.5mm tempered glass, higher safety

3. High-purity embossing or smooth aluminum reflector, light refraction, efficiency is more efficient.

4. Stainless steel exposed screws, frame cover, design scientific and reasonable, rugged.

5. Reasonable distribution of light can be equipped with sodium, Spotlight Housing metal halide lamp, color LED lights.

6. Applicable place: Apply to park, sculpture, Square, billboard and other places lighting, especially suitable for green, architectural landscape of the stereo lighting.

The main material of the spotlight shell is aluminum and plastic, to say the heat dissipation, of course, aluminum this material is much better than plastic, but aluminum is also a quality distinction, good aluminum cooling device needs gloss, black is made of scrap aluminum, Spotlight Housing so in order to later do not affect the beautiful, aluminum material spotlight Shell also want a good choice. But the key is to look at their own choices, emphasis on the performance of the proposed choice of aluminum spotlight shell, Spotlight Housing if said beautiful want to look good, plastic is also optional, but to have a long life of psychological preparation, of course, the choice of plastic shell is often more than the choice of aluminum shell price much cheaper.

After you choose, you can consider the following three points:

First: According to the use of the occasion to choose, so the choice of occasions to pay attention to the beautiful and not often used words can choose the plastic spotlight shell, Spotlight Housing if it is a long time to use waving is the use of the regular, then you should consider the aluminum spotlight shell.

Second: According to your choice of lamp power selection has a certain cooling capacity of the lamps, meaning that the greater the power to take into account the heat dissipation of the spotlight shell, to say that the heat dissipation of course is the aluminum spotlight shell, Spotlight Housing plastic heat dissipation is often not so good, but also affect the service life of the day lantern.

Third: From the budget to look at the money, if you want to price less than one points, you can choose the plastic spotlight shell, plastic spotlight shell In fact also has its own advantages, that is beautiful, of course, cheap also calculate a little, is not good heat dissipation, sufficient funds in the long run can choose aluminum Spotlight shell, more durable.