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The Spotlight Housing Has A Degree Of Protection

Jul 04, 2017

Spotlight Shell Description:

1. Material: ADC12

2. Surface weathering electrostatic spraying, anti-acid, anti-aging, anti-rust, anti-corrosion silicone rubber seals, sealing performance

3. Green and other environmentally friendly lead-free mercury pollution

4. Protection class: IP65

5. Beam angle: 50,110

6. The main body of the lamp is high quality high thermal alloy aluminum. Spotlight Housing 3.5mm steel ultra-white lead-free glass.

7. Surface treatment Spray color can be based on customer requirements

8. Product specifications are: 10 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, 50 watts, 80 watts, 100 watts


High-purity aluminum reflector, lamp shell and radiator; Spotlight Housing high-strength tempered glass cover; high-power LED light source; high efficiency imported constant current source.


1, led tunnel light 100w kit Spotlight shell is my company in accordance with the "general requirements of the lamp and test" standard and "LED cast light" to create a green new lighting.

2, the structure is reasonable, beautiful appearance, hot and humid, good sealing performance;

3, fast start, high luminous efficiency, vivid vision, no flicker, no damage to the eyes and skin, the use of security;

4, the use of integrated package of high-power LED light source, Spotlight Housing can be used continuously for 50,000 hours;

5, led tunnel light 100w kit Spotlight shell, the power supply cavity and the light source cavity completely separated, the light source and the LED light source in close contact with the external cooling wing and air convection cooling, can effectively guarantee the power and light source life;

7, ultra-white high-spread cloth tempered glass, effectively control the lighting glare, special sealing structure design, so that the protection of lighting to IP66;

8, environmental protection and energy saving pollution, high stability, LED pollution to the environment, the use of stability.

Applicable places:

Applicable tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, gas stations, venues, metallurgy and various types of factories, construction, and other places.

Definition: led tunnel light 100w kit Spotlight shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, beautiful appearance, itself is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, fully solve the problem of high-power LED cooling.

Features: LED cast light shell light body with high quality tempered glass, Spotlight Housing with good light transmission, dustproof, waterproof, a full set of stainless steel tight pieces, the lamp surface with environmentally friendly fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying, safe and reliable, long life Features. principle:

Install the LED light on the thermally conductive substrate, the heat generated by the LED lamp is first transmitted to the thermally conductive substrate, and the heat is transferred to the thin-walled cavity fins through the thermally conductive substrate. Inside the lamp shell, due to the use of thin-walled cavity heat sink, heat sink cavity air in the heated state, along the cavity to form a low-end high-end air flow, Spotlight Housing the cavity of the heat quickly brought out ; While the outer surface of the heat sink and air in direct contact with the heat out; the heat sink wall is thin, the heat is not easy to gather in the film.