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The Waterproof Property Of LED Projection Light Is Good

Oct 17, 2017

Led cast light housing easy to install, led cast light shell profile of large heat dissipation area, good heat dissipation effect, the appearance of beautiful structure, waterproof, led projection light shell of the main part can be customized according to customer needs, W number: 42W, 56W, 70W, 84W, 98W, 112W, 126W, 140W, 154W, 168W and so on.

LED projection light shell structure: particularly lightweight and beautiful shell structure design, guide-type installation of the glass layering cover, edge effect beautiful, LED Flood Light Housing glass sealing installation more simple and convenient.

LED projection light Shell structural waterproof function: Unique structure is conducive to the discharge of water flow on the shell, lighting protection level for IP65, LED Flood Light Housing to ensure that the whole lamp in different environments to long-term stability, the whole lamp life >50000h. Superior heat dissipation structure: the lamp shell and the heat dissipation part integrates, avoids the traditional lamp shell not ideal solves the disadvantage which the LED heat dissipation. The conductivity coefficient of aluminum as the main heat dissipation, the appearance of oxidation process, corrosion-resistant at the same time to ensure heat dissipation.

With 3mm ultra-white screen printing tempered glass, light transmittance of 95%.

Led Projection Light housing material

High-purity aluminum reflector, lamp housing and radiator, LED Flood Light Housing 5mm high-strength tempered glass cover, single high-power LED light source, high efficiency import constant current source.

2, the unique LED projection light housing integrated design, effective heat conduction diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body, to protect the LED light source 50,LED Flood Light Housing 000 hours of service life. According to 11-12 hours of light per day, the LED miner's lamp needn't be replaced in 12.

LED projection lamp shell surface anodized anti-corrosion treatment, compact and beautiful structure, to meet IP65 standards, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance good;

LED projection light shell using a special surface treatment process, LED Flood Light Housing the appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, disassembly convenient, wide range of application.